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I had the huge pleasure of meeting Years 10 and 11 at Catmose College in Oakham when they invited me to come along to chat about scene setting and dual narrative. 

Their brilliant techy guys recored the sessions plus an interview which you can check out on the video below:

Huge thanks to Destination France Magazine for spending time with Sleeping People Lie and including a review in the autumn edition of this brilliant read for Francophiles...

Goodness me - look where Sleeping People Lie has popped up!

Thank you to all the lovelies who voted on Goodreads... 

'Best Books To Read While Travelling'

Book Night at Cambridge 105FM
Leigh Chambers & Alex Ruczaj invited me as their guest to chat about the inspiration behind The Thinking Tank and Sleeping People Lie in the terrific company of writer and poet, Kate Rhodes, and award winning playwright, Gytha Lodge.

People Lie
The Thinking Tank
Jamie Oliver
off the top row
at Waterstones


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It was such an honour to be invited to speak to parents and classes at Brighton College in Abu Dhabi. And I was delighted to discover that Linda Broughton had included The Thinking Tank and Sleeping People Lie in her trompe l'oeil painting of a bookcase, which graces the walls of the English Department. Take a look at her lovely work and play spot the novels!

Dubai Eye Radio Interview from 19th March 2012

I was delighted to be the guest on Suzanne Radford and Richard Manson's show from 10am-12pm.

Please click play to tune in...

Book Signings

It would be lovely to meet and chat to folks at the following events...

Date Time Place

Saturday 16 February 2013

Saturday 2 March 2013

Tuesday 19 March 2013

Thursday 4 April

Thursday 16 May 2013

Saturday 18 May 2013

Saturday June 8 2013

10.30am - 3pm

10.30am - 3pm

9.00am - 12pm


7.30pm - 9.30pm


10.30am - 3pm

Waterstones, Kettering

Waterstones, Peterborough

Brighton College, Abu Dhabi,
AWN Writing Group workshop

Kettering, Waterstones Reading Group

Haconby Reading Group

Cambridge Central Library

Waterstones, Peterborough

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Sleeping People Lie Reviews

Jae De Wylde's second novel certainly represents a departure from the 'Womens' Fiction' genre.Full of surprising twists and turns and well drawn, plausible characters; it is a novel that can be enjoyed by both genders.

Ian Misselbrook

Five star read!

I loved this book, and couldn’t put it down. It was easy to start reading and the reader is hooked within the first few pages. Great descriptions and I too was sitting in a café in Paris, I too was squashed on the Metro and not only the physical descriptions but also the emotional ones which brought back memories of what is was like when you start to fall in love. Excellent writing, great plot and twists and turns at every stage. It is almost like a detective novel, in that the reader thinks they know who ‘Em’ is, well at least I did, but my theories were dashed every few chapters, so I had to come up with a new one. They were all wrong. The ending was also excellent, making this not just an enjoyable novel, but leaving you musing about what had happened and why. Fabulous book, well worth the read.

 Lindsay De Feliz, author, What about your Saucepans?


Compelling and very clever. You're drawn into the description of a passionate affair, set in Paris and New York, but you're not sure why the two characters are telling their versions of the story to the unknown "Em". Plenty of twists and skilfully delayed revelations.
A classic tragedy unfolds, - but who are the victims and who was in control?
No doubt about the destructive power of emotions. 

Victoria Richardson, Cambridge Central Library 

5.0 out of 5 stars - She's done it again!
I have read this book while on holiday in Portugal - what a page turner! I challenge anyone to have guessed who Em is! A triumph - cannot wait for the next one ! If you are local to Jae De Wylde, ask her to your book club; she is brilliant !
Amazon Reader, April 2013

5.0 out of 5 stars - Emotionally wrenching but worth your time
When I first read this book I felt it is clearly written by someone with some serious life experience and knows the traumas and pain of being human. The story is captivating. You will want to see it through to the end. It is not predictable. Definitely worth reading.

Amazon Reader, April 201

'...for the first time in years, in this over-cluttered and frazzled brain, you enabled me to visualise not only the characters but also the scenes where events took place. I really thought the power of imagination had been lost to me but now I realise, I was just reading authors who didn't have the ability to give me that detail.'
Message via Facebook, April 2013

Another great book! 5 stars!
I couldn't wait to begin this, having thoroughley enjoyed the 'Thinking Tank' and I am delighted to say I was not disappointed! Ms de Wylde has a knack of bringing characters to life in much the same way as Maeve Binchy, and you really do lose yourself in their lives. The only disappointment here is that I have finished the book, and now have to wait for the 3rd novel :-)
Louise, Amazon reader

Simply a Fantastic Book!
With books as intricate as "Sleeping People Lie", it's tricky to find the right words to review it. My advice is : Read It!

I think there is someone of the main characters in all of us; if not in real life, then in fantasy. The structure and build up involving the mysterious Em, is one of the most captivating writing techniques I have ever read and kept me hooked till the very last page, while the passion and truth of the storyline kept me going every word of the way.

A fabulous novel. Her first book was good; this one is brilliant.
McKerley & Schippers, Scotland and The Netherlands, January 3 2013

The velvet soft feel of the pages was wonderful. I realised what a treat reading this book was going to be as I read the first page. A story of how some people to the outside world have it all worked out, but infact they blunder on doing what others advise to justify their actions instead of listerning to themselves. Much like the rest of us when hindsight is a wonderful thing!! Using Love as an excuse to justify actions that harm others and their own mind, body and spirit. Jae De Wyldes writing style created in me a 'rollercoaster' of emotions. Capturing and describing the games we play perfectly. I recognised them immediately, even thou it is hard to admit it! Even now a couple of weeks after finishing the book I think Wow.... 

Elaine, Amazon reader

'I haven't found the words as yet to describe what reading your new book did for me. It's a masterpiece and I truly mean that. You write about what controls every specimen of humanity, even when 90 % or maybe even more of us are in denial. The honest beauty of what you wrote is mesmerizing and deeply terrifying at the same time. What a beautiful book, in many many ways. '

Ingrid Schippers, Netherlands

'My current read is ‘Sleeping People Lie,’ by Jae de Wylde. It’s a love story with an iron grip and bitter-chocolate taste. I’m a little bit addicted.'

Jack Scott, author of Perking The Pansies 

I have been thoroughly entertained by this complex, intelligent novel. A considerable vortex of emotion is wrung from a weave of compulsive love and sex, loss, wealth, family pride and relationships.

So, boy meets girl... and girl, Sloane, assumes she may have met her soul mate in Nicholas. However, as their passion with each other develops and the darker side of their obsession is exposed, their trail of destruction begins to escalate. This story exposes the darker side of love, when love is maybe caught up with just too many secrets, guilt and lies. Will it destroy them, or make them stronger?

The story is narrated in memoir style in the form of letters to `Em' by the two central characters; in an effort to free the truth as they see it. This aspect of the story telling was very well handled, and at no point in the book did I have to backtrack or remind myself whose head I was meant to be in.

Well written sex scenes, great locations in Paris and New York, and a well paced, tight plot. The author had so very obviously spent time in these cities and the result was a good balance of descriptive narrative and a sense of atmosphere.
I loved the fact that I couldn't guess how this was going to end at all... until we were almost right down to the wire and then... OH!
J.Wilkin, Amazon reader

I thoroughly enjoyed this book and it was impossible to put down! The characters within it are so complex and fascinating that you want to keep reading to find out more about them. Whilst reading it, you are also desperate to find out who 'Em' is, the author cleverly keeps you 'hanging on' until the very end, and doesn't disappoint! It has everything a good book should have, romance, sex, love, obsession and power. The author's literary prowess is outstanding, it is beautifully written. I fully recommend this book as a really gripping read. I have also read 'The thinking tank' by the same author, which is also a brilliant book. I think that Jae de Wylde will become a modern day literary great, that people will be talking about in years to come!
Denise, Amazon reader

‘ emotionally intelligent page-turner’

Leslie-Ann Bosher, author, To The Manor Drawn

‘An atmospheric, haunting love story that kept me constantly guessing’

Lynda Renham, author, Croissants and Jam

‘Paris, France. Haunting obsessions and you have a gripping read.

The twists and turns and roller coaster of emotions in this novel have you reaching for it first thing in the morning after reluctantly leaving it the night before.

The characters are so well developed that your feelings for them are as obsessional as their feelings for each other. A wonderful read with a marvellous and unforgettable ending!’

Lynda, Amazon reader, October 2012

‘Another winner by this fabulous author; intriguing from the start combining curiosity and a roller coaster of emotions to discover who ‘Em’ is and the reason why ‘Em’ is being written to. This love story journal, written independently by both lovers, cleverly combines atonement with their story of passion, deceit and loss. No chick read here! Superb writing clearly and easily read but with stylish detail which allows the reader to be drawn into the story not only visually but emotionally.’

Stranger, Amazon reader, October 2012

‘Sleeping People Lie is truly heart-breaking in parts with some funny moments too. I can definitely recommend this book. I loved reading this so much and even cried through some pages.’

Helsteel, Amazon reader, October 2012

‘I loved it! It only took me about seven hours to read this; I just couldn`t put it down. You just can`t wait to see what happens next.’

Kala Chappel, Amazon reader, October, 2012

‘This is a love story with a difference - terrific, stylish writing, compelling reading and with a twist in as much as the author dangles a mystery into the mix. Sloane and Nicholas are telling their story to `Em'. We have no idea who Em is or why they have to tell their tale, but what is clear is that there is an urgency to it - and an absolute requirement for the honest truth.

In real life, people are sometimes likeable and sometimes not and many times this is just down to perception. De Wylde cleverly allows us to see in to her characters' thoughts and actions, swinging us from love to hate and back again as we explore the motivation behind Nicholas and Sloane's relationship, examining the control and power that shifts from one to the other through the twists and turns of the plot. I was moved to tears several times; the characters are beautifully drawn and their emotions sensitively handled. I loved how the story of Rodin and his mistress was woven through - clever, page-turning stuff.

I was riveted from the start and it kept me guessing all the way. This woman can write!’

Roswell, Amazon reader, October 2012

‘Jae de Wylde's second novel Sleeping People Lie is superbly written in language almost lyrical, with a strong plot and characters that were utterly believable. The dual narrative – in this instance a very effective technique – provides readers with a deeper insight into Sloane and Nicholas's personalities, emphasising the obsessive, selfish and at times almost disquieting nature of their relationship while paralleling their differences and points of view. One is kept guessing as to the identity of Em to whom Sloane and Nicholas pour out their innermost thoughts, and the disclosure when it comes is gobsmacking. Without wishing to give anything away, the ending is perfect!’

Janna Gray, Author, Kilingiri

‘In her second novel, Jae de Wylde explores the complexities of relationships and their lifelong impact from a different angle. Here we have a tale of obsessive love confused by lust, deception and guilt. The destructive pairing of Sloane, a teacher from rural England battling loss and unrequited ambitions with the reluctant Ivy League intellectual Nicholas, reeling under the expectations of his high-achieving family, begins in Paris and is revisited as their lives intertwine over two decades.

The narrative takes the form of letters written by these two broken people, nakedly exorcising their demons as they reveal the raw truth to the mysterious Em. As their individual truths collide and secrets and shocks are exposed, it becomes inevitable that their manipulative relationship, built on self-delusion and mutual need, can only end in tragedy.

Once again, Jae de Wylde writes with emotional honesty and in atmospheric detail, presenting the reader with a sometimes uncomfortable but brutally credible exploration of the dark side that lies within us all.’

Nanabunny, Amazon reader, October 2012

The Thinking Tank Reader Reviews

A beautiful story, splendidly paced, poignant and compelling - It will have you riveted. With twists and turns, family secrets and unparalleled romance,
it is un-put-down-able!

Waterstones, Kettering

Jae is a truly amazing author and she is currently our bestselling female fiction author in Market Harborough. Her book is ideal as a gift for the women in your life.

Waterstones, Market Harborough

This is an unexpected yet gripping book that takes you to a different time and place; literally. From 70's London throught to Rutland and Spain in 2003. The story is so well written that the reader feels they are there with Sally experiencing everything. To say more would ruin the book; if you enjoy a good drama, try this, you will love it.

Bookshelf Central, May 2012

This was an absolute delight to read. I couldn't help but feel the story and feel for it's characters and love it's plot. The characters were perfectly written and I think that this would make a brilliant film. A truly emotional tale of heartbreak, love and family, well it certainly touched my heart anyway! Fantastic! And of course it was lovely to see a religious tale reflect the period of time and the beliefs of Christians as it was set in to a tea. Truly faultless, A fine piece of work to read.

Faultless and 5-star!

Jessica Peach (22),

I loved this book. Loved it, loved it, loved it.

When I started reading, I took an instant dislike to Sarah, the main character.
The acuity of Jae's writing pulled me in, however. Her style is exceptionally clear, well-constructed and honest. And as I became more involved with the slowly-building picture of Sarah's past, and her arrival in the `now', my attitude changed, just as I feel it was meant to do.

As her journey of self-discovery continues, so does Sarah's analysis of her relationships with those around her. This analysis is insightful, clear and sometimes brutally honest, but beautifully written throughout. I particularly liked many of the short, sharp philosophies that were expressed, and found myself nodding in accord with many of them. A fairly surprising journey by Sarah to Spain brought me to my home ground, and I read with delight the masterful descriptions of places and atmosphere that flowed from Jae's pen. The finale was just as it should be, because I like to close a book feeling content with the outcome.

Impressed as I was, I have bought this book a number of times over to gift away.
An exceptional first novel.

Deborah Fletcher, Author of 'Bitten by Spain'

I bought The Thinking Tank at your book signing at White Stuff, Stamford and just had to let you know that I have just returned from Thailand having had the time to read your wonderful novel.

I enjoyed it so much that I had trouble putting it down!  I have told so many friends about it and they have all bought it.

It was the best book I have ever read.
Please, please let me know when your next one comes out.

Amazon reader review, April 2012

Some books overthrow your expectations in a surprising way.
The thinking tank caught me off guard as it appealed to my sense of understanding, and by doing so gave me more than I bargained for.
An honest, challenging, beautifully written story with a healing quality.

I. Schippers, The Netherlands

A thought provoking and inspiring novel, full of suspenseful twists and turns.
I couldn't put this book down! A highly recommended read whose story has stayed with me even after the last page. The use of the twin timelines makes this a very unusual story and I will definately be picking it up and reading it again, which is most unlike me. Looking forward to novel number 2!

Reader review, Amazon March 2012

'I've just fnished reading 'The Thinking Tank' by Jae De Wylde. What an amazing debut novel - un-putdownable! It was recommended to me by my sister and I read it from start to finish, in a day, while recuperating from an operation. I love Jae's style of writing; it's REAL - beautifully descriptive, hugely sensitive and with a page turning plot. More of the same, please...'

Reader review, Amazon February 2012

'This a great achievement for a debut novel: confidently written and incredibly perceptive about emotions and relationships. The lead character's analysis of her actions and feelings can be uncomfortably intense at times but then that is the heart of the story. The author's skill really shows in the descriptions of the girl Sally's experiences, with every painful detail deftly captured and exhibiting a maturity of writing that belies the fact this is a first novel. I don't usually choose this kind of book but I found it an enjoyable and compelling read.'

Reader review, Amazon January 2012


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